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Oils and Pastels

 8"x10" or 9"x11"- $1000-$1500

10"x12" or 11" x 14"- $2000-$2500

12" x 22" or 16" x 20" or 18" x 24" and larger- $3000 and up


Up to 11" x 14"- $350-$500 and up


Up to 11" x 14"- $500-$1000 and up


$250 and up (based on size and complexity)

How to begin a commissioned portrait:

The goal is to create not only a loving portrait that catches the essence and personality of your pet, but also an heirloom piece of artwork that can be appreciated for years to come.

The artist will come to your home (or any other place that the pet is comfortable) to take the photos that will be used as references for the painting or drawing. This provides the artist with control over lighting and compositions that are important for the quality of the artwork.

While pencil drawings and even some paintings can be done from photos you currently possess, the artist prefers working from her own photos. Obviously, this does not apply to pets that have passed. Working from previously taken photographs will be done on a case-by-case basis, with the artist deciding if the photo is of sufficient quality.

Photo shoot, travel, per diem:

The travel costs for photo shoots within 100 miles of Austin, Texas is included in the price of the artwork. The travel costs for photo shoots that are farther, will be charged at $0.35/mile. Travel for a photo shoot that would require air travel and an overnight stay, would be charged at the airline ticket price, plus $100/day per diem. 

Shipping of completed artwork:

The responsibility of shipping the final artwork will depend on where it is to be delivered, what medium the artwork is, and if it has been framed or is unframed. Oil paintings and pencil drawings can be shipped unframed, but pastels need the protection of a frame. Pencils and oils can be packed, insured and shipped overnight to assure the best handling. Packing, shipping and handling will be charged at cost + 10%.

Pastel paintings should undergo archival framing and be put under glass to protect the artwork. No fixatives should be applied. This tends to darken the artwork. The pastels and pastel paper used are the best quality available and will hold their color. The colors and texture of pastel paintings are what makes them so desirable. They are, however, the most delicate of mediums when shipping. We can recommend fine art shippers for packing, insurance and delivery of pastel paintings.